List of Publications 1984-2007

IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management, Vol. EM-31, No. 4. November 1984
A Simple Method for Evaluation and Selection of R&D Proposals for a Competitive Grant Fund
Ishai Spharim and Robert Szakonyi

Research Policy 14 (1985) 53-59
A graphical method for relating multiple socio-economic goals to research and development objectives in agriculture
Ishai Spharim and No'am G. Seligman

Acta Hortic. 216, 165-176 (1987)
Marketing Analysis of Spray Carnations: Product Life Cycle of the Spray Carnation (The Product) and of a Single Cultivar (The Brand)
Rymon, D., Umiel, N., Nakar, R., Spharim, I. and Fishelson, G. (1987).

Agricultural Systems 27 (1988) 215-224
Formulating Policy to Cope with Virus Disease in Citrus Orchards
Ishai Spharim & Sarit Shalhevet

R&D Managemem 25.4. 1995
Morphological analysis in agricultural R&D: A technologist's approach to the definition and economic evaluation of technologies
lshai Spharim and Eugene D. Ungar

Chapter 31 in A Altman, Agricultural Biotechnology, Marcel Dekker 1998, pp. 629-643
Production of Valuable Products from Microalgae: An Emerging Agroindustry
Shoshana Arad and Ishai Spharim

Journal of Financial Management & Analysis; Jan-Jun 1999; 12, 1;
Case study of transfer of adapted dairy technology to Thailand: A methodological approach
Ishai Spharim; Haruvy, Nava

Journal of Financial Management & Analysis; Jul-Dec 2000; 13, 2
Strategic planning in response to global environmental changes: The case of Israeli agriculture Shalhevet, Sarit; Haruvy, Nava; Ishai Spharim

Crop Protection 20 (2001) 561-569
Economic evaluation of insect-proof screens for preventing tomato yellow leaf curl virus of tomatoes in Israel
R.A.J. Taylor, Sarit Shalhevet, Ishai Spharim, Menachem J. Berlinger, Sarah Lebiush-Mordechi

Biotechnology Advances 19 (2001) 539 – 554
Management strategies for agricultural biotechnology in small countries: A case study of Israel
Sarit Shalhevet, Nava Haruvy , Ishai Spharim

Journal of Financial Management & Analysis; Jan-Jun 2002; 15, 1;
Economic and financial aspects of developing new market niches–a case study of exotic animals in… Shalhevet, Sarit; Ishai Spharim; Haruvy, Nava

Journal of Financial Management and Analysis, 20(2):2007:76-84
Benefit Evaluation of Technological Improvements: Techno-Financial Cost-Benefit Assessment of a Large Research Proposal Portfolio
Sarit Shalhevet, Nava Haruvy, Ishai Spharim